Frozen Milk Therapy To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Super-Fast

Long day at work? Doesn’t matter the reason of those puffy eyes, what’s important is that you have to do something and get rid of bags under your eyes. I know that your eyes are heavy and pretty tired, and you can actually see this in the mirror, and a bag of ice will solve the problem. But I suggest you to try something more effective.
Because the skin under the eyes is very sensitive, you have to care for it carefully. Over the years, skin will lose its elasticity and the fat under the lower eyelid will stand out. But this can be “repaired” with a trick I know.

Milk therapy for puffy eyes

You need:

– a cup of cow/goat milk
– 2 cotton pads

Still wondering how milk will solve this problem? Due to the substances it contains, such as lactic acid, glucose and calcium, milk reduces inflammation. Just soak the cotton pads in milk, put it in the freezer for 15-30 minutes, and then apply over your eyes. Let it act for 10 minutes.

It will deeply relax your eyes, removing those bags under the eyes.

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