Healing Water To Get Rid Of Tired Legs Syndrome

For all women out there, wearing heels daily, I know the struggle. You have to be neat daily at the office, and heels are part of your outfit. But, what do you do when this “wearing heels daily” becomes a problem? Causing severe pains to your legs? At least this happened to me! Give up heels a lot of you will say, but I’m a minion lady, making heels an accessory.

I solved this tired legs problem with some natural leg therapy. Every time I feel my feet/legs tired, I use the following remedy, and then get in bed to rest a bit.

Mustard seed for tired legs

You need:

– 3 tablespoon of crushed mustard seeds
– 2 liters of warm water

Put the warm water in a basin and add the mustard seeds. Then, all that you have to do is to soak your feet in this healing liquid for 10 minutes. Slowly, the swelling and pain will disappear. Then, get in bed and place your feet on a pillow. The next day, you’ll get back on your feet, literally!

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