Highly Effective Way To Remove Warts Painlessly

Warts is such a common problem that we have to embrace it and make it part of our lives…if it wasn’t so contagious! If you have a weak immune system or you just got into contact with an infected person, warts may appear on your skin, and you may want to get rid of them pretty fast. The method I know is cauterization, but it kind of hurts, and I want to pass over it.

That’s why I searched for some remedies, but there a bunch of them, and only 3 in particular caught my eye. If you alternate the following ingredients, getting rid of warts will be incredible simple. But, patience is a strong word, so you have to apply it if you want to get rid of warts painless.

Onions, potatoes and figs, quick solutions to get rid of warts

So, you need:

– onion slices
– potato slices
– figs

Take 1 onion slice and rub the warts with it. Then, apply a potato slice over the wart and tie it with a bandage. Let it act for 1 hour, and then remove the bandage.

Now, take the figs and blend them to extract their juice. Dab the area with fig juice when you have the time, and in the evening just cut a fig in 2 and apply it over the wart. Don’t forget to tie it with a bandage!

Now, patience comes, because you have to repeat the above procedure, trice a day for 1 week. But, believe me, is worth it!

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