Homeopathic Black Radish Syrup To Get Rid Of Dry Cough

For coughing, however, the best natural solution will remain syrup, and this black radish syrup isn’t just great in treating cough, it also stimulates the urinary system and helps you to remove quickly toxins from the body.
And here you’ve got the simplest and most effective recipe of black radish syrup, to forget about cough and its symptoms.

You only need:

– 3 black radishes
– 400 g of honey

How to prepare this black radish syrup

It’s pretty easy to prepare. All you have to peel off the radish, wash it, and cut the top side (it should look like a radish lid). After that, take a knife or a fork or a spoon, and sweep inside the radish, putting the core aside.

Be careful, however, not to scrape the entire core; it’s advisable like the radish wall to be 1 cm thick. Then pour the honey inside the black radish “bowl” and cover it with the radish lid. Leave the composition to macerate overnight for the honey to absorb all the beneficial properties radish’s has.

How to administrate:

Take 2 teaspoons of this radish syrup every time cough disturbs you. As a natural product it doesn’t have dosage contraindications.

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