How To Fight Against Unwanted Hair Growth

Unwanted body hair bothers us quite hard, not counting the excessive growth quickly after epilation. In winter, the temptation to reduce the number of hair removal sessions is even greater and we need allies. See how to slow hair growth on the legs and arms.

Control your weight
Excess weight can cause hormonal changes that make body hair grow more often and faster. If you have many extra kilos, go to the doctor and discuss possible options to treat hormonal imbalances.

Resistance to insulin and carbohydrates
Reduce the number of sweets and refined flour carbohydrates and your body hair might grow less and rare.

Specialists have concluded that a low glycemic index regulates the metabolism and reduces the risk of excessive pilosity on women.
In addition, insulin resistance (leading to type 2 diabetes) seems to worsen excessive pilosity on hormonal problems on women.

Vitamin B6 helps reduces body hair
Increasing the amount of vitamin B6 helps your body to better regulate blood glucose levels. Good sources of vitamin B6 include fish, turkey, bananas, red pepper, broccoli, watermelon and carrots.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E acts as an antagonist of hormonal imbalances that cause excessive body hair growth on women.
A supplement of vitamin E can block the activity of male hormones responsible for excessive hair on your arms, legs, mustache, etc.

Image Credits: Skinnymom

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