How To Treat Superficial Wounds With Sugar

Sugar is not as bad as you think. Recent research has shown that it may be used to treat open wounds. See what you must do this.

A study by researchers at the University of Wolverhampton has shown that refined sugar is more effective than antibiotics in treating open wounds. This ingredient absorbs fluids from the wound (necessary for bacterial growth) and speeds healing. In addition, it reduces inflammation, helps remove dead tissue and stimulates the formation of new tissue and blood vessels.

What you should do?

Mix one teaspoon of glycerin with white sugar until the paste becomes buttery (glycerin helps sugar to remain on the wound). Cut a piece of gauze, so that you get a long stretch, and lubricate it with grease. Put the gauze around the wound. Drug layer should be thick and covered then with gauze.
Bandage the area without applying too much pressure on the wound. You need to change the gauze every two hours for four days.
Whenever you strip away the gauze you should rinse the wound with water, saline or hydrogen peroxide, then add dry and fresh sugar.
Diabetics can also use sugar to heal the wounds because blood does not reach the open wound. Be careful, however, not to use this treatment on a wound that bleeds because this substance enhances the bleeding.
Do not forget that any alternative treatment should be discussed with your doctor.

Image Credits: Striderbike

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