Papaya Treatment To Fade Those Age Spots Quick

I saw grandma the other days. I just bought her a new cane, and she was absolutely happy. After long conversations, I took a look to her hands, and saw those brown age spots, and an idea pops up my mind. A few weeks ago I read about this remedy that was extremely effective to get rid of brown spots. And I say, let’s try it! Grandma loved to care for her, and the same thing did with my mother and I, and it’s time to make those brown spots on grandma’s hands disappear.

The incredible thing is that after the first application of this remedy, you will some improvements. Not big, but those age spots will start to fade. Daily applications will be required, and the age spots will slowly fade.


This exotic fruit contains enzymes and acids that exfoliate your skin and reduces age spots like magic. I guess it’s great for those pigmentation spots caused by prolong sun exposure. As far as I know, papaya is also used to treat acne, so do not worry if you have a sensitive skin because it won’t have a bad effect over it.

You need:

– 1 papaya

How to proceed?

Just grate or blend the papaya fruit, and massage gently the brown spots area with this papaya puree. Let it work for 20 minutes, and then rinse the skin with warm water. Repeat this procedure daily or twice a day, if you have enough time.

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