Parsley Paste To Get Rid Of Uti And Its Symptoms Without Relapse

Urinary tract infections can be quite painful. If you don’t treat them correctly, these infections may recur or they can cause severe complications.

In the case of infections, antibiotic treatment appears to be the best solution, but unfortunately their administration may have side effects over other organs of the body.

But you can try using natural antibiotics to forget about inflammation and infections that threaten your health.
Treating urinary tract infections with natural remedies requires patience. You won’t see great improvements the next day, but I assure you that in the third day of use, pain and those frequently micturitions will disappear. The following remedy is extremely powerful, especially if you are dealing with that stubborn E coli bacteria in the urinary tract. You will get rid of it in 10 days, without relapse.

You need:

– 250 g of parsley root
– 1 organic lemon
– 250 ml of natural honey
– olive oil

The powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties of these ingredients will help you to get rid of this disturbing urinary problem.

You have to cut the parsley root and lemon, and then mix them in a blender along with the other 2 ingredients. It’s enough if you add 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
You will obtain a paste which should be stored in the refrigerator.

How to administrate
Every morning, before breakfast, take 1 tablespoon of this preparation. Follow this natural treatment for 1 week, and then repeat the analysis. If you finish the remedy, just prepare another one.

Image Credits: Firstforwomen

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