Saline Compress To Get Rid Of Those Terrible Headaches

If you suffer from strong and unbearable headaches or you have high blood pressure, you should try this natural remedy that will get you rid of any sign of pain. All this healing procedure lasts only 20 minutes, and the results are pain-free! And there are no pills involved.

You need:

– a piece of cotton or gauze
– 2 teaspoons of sea salt
– 250 ml of hot water

Mix the salt with the hot water, and stir well to obtain a saline solution. Then, fold the piece of gauze to obtain 8 layers. The piece of gauze should be long enough to wrap your head with it.

Wash your face, ears and neck with lukewarm water. Then soak the compress in the saline solution, squeeze the excess water and wrap your head, so that you cover your forehead, ears and neck. It’s best to stay in bed for 20 minutes for this remedy to work better.

Soon, the pain will fade, but let the compress take effect for 20 minutes. Finally, remove the compress and wash your face, ears and neck to remove the salt.

Image Credits: Sizzlesays

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