Sleep Tight Ladies! How I Got My Husband To Finally Stop Snoring

If you are trying to sleep or watch TV, it can be quite disturbing to hear a person’s snoring. It happens often to me, because my husband snores pretty hard. I think our neighbors are hearing them, too. But my husband it’s fine with his snore, until he saw me 2 days in a row with puffy eyes and dark circles, yelling that is enough. Instead of searching for puffy eyes remedies, I start looking for snoring remedies. And, voila! The saving solution is laying this article. Tested on my husband!

Essential oils inhalations

Essential oil inhalations are effective remedies for snoring and many respiratory conditions. Among the most effective essential oils for snoring include eucalyptus, rosemary, mint, fir and pine oil. Their strong flavor will immediately “untie” the nose and give you a pleasant overall feeling. All that you have to do is put a few drops of oil in a bowl with hot water.

Cover your head with a towel, and inhale hot steam for about 10 minutes before bedtime. If you have sensitive face capillaries (cuperosis), it’s not advisable to inhale because hot steam dilates the blood vessels.
But you can use the oils in others ways. Pour a few drops of one of the above oils on a handkerchief, and place it on the pillow, near the head.

Or, even easier, use an aromatherapy lamp, where you’ve added water and some drops of essential oil.

So, sleep tight ladies!

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