This Homemade Marigold Ointment Will Get You Rid Of Herpes Overnight

If you are one of the unlucky persons that are always fighting to get rid of herpes, I’m sorry to tell you, but tit will periodically appear. Every time your immunity is low, it will simply appear on you lip. You can’t get rid of this virus, but at least there is a way in getting rid of that big boo-boo on your lip.

And you can try to get rid of it, naturally, without using those awkward medicines. There is an ointment that will do magic. In a few hours, better say, overnight, the herpes will be gone. And if you start treating it from its first symptoms, you have to be sure that it will disappear in just a few hours.

Homemade marigold ointment

Marigolds are recognized for their healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the healing time by half. This particular ointment can be easily bought from pharmacies, but you can prepare it at home.

You need:

– 20 marigolds flowers with stem
– 500 g of fat (find it stores)

Put the fat in a pot on low heat, and stir continuously until it melts. Then add the marigold flowers with the stem and everything, and stir continuously to incorporate the flowers. Let it boil on low heat for 20 minutes. Remove the pot from the fire, and let it cool for 12 hours. After the time passes, heat the mixture again, and strain the liquid in a small jar through a piece of gauze. Store this ointment in the fridge, and use it when needed.

Don’t keep more than a year because it will lose its properties.

Image Credits: Sarahraven

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